FIR Accessories and Far Infrared Spare Parts

FIR Accessories

far infrared 01

Sauna starry lite, is portraying of our popular starry nite with heat and vapour proof spotlights, a light projector shines a light over many individual fibre optic cables.

far infrared 02

Hyperthemia controller, functions include on/off, light, temperature and time control. Size: 120 (W) x 75 (H) x 10 (D) mm.

far infrared 03
Sauna sound and light lamp, this system has elevated the standard of luxury treatment with the sturdy yet impressive aluminium housing equipped with soft illumination LED coloured-light technology and integrated stereo speakers.
far infrared 04

Sauna reading white light of heat proof and water proof.

Chrome-lite rainbow. The chromatherapy (colours) in-shower, low voltage LED modd lighting is fully accessible from the control panel.
far infrared 05
Carbon heater, 10mm thick, custom made size, max: 50 (W) x 100 (L) cm, 220V/240V, 100W-400W, Mica carbon heater (black colour), 50 x 90cm, 200W.
far infrared 06
Tourmaline, metres.
far infrared 07
Tourmaline crystal stone foot therapy.
far infrared 08

For a Finnish sauna, here are some common FIR accessories:

  1. Sauna bucket and ladle: A wooden bucket and ladle are used to pour water over the heated rocks in the sauna, creating steam and increasing the humidity.

  2. Thermometer and hygrometer: A thermometer and hygrometer are used to monitor the temperature and humidity levels inside the sauna, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

  3. Sauna stones: Large, heat-resistant rocks are placed on top of the sauna heater to absorb heat and create a stable, even temperature throughout the sauna.

  4. Sauna pillows and backrests: Soft, comfortable pillows and backrests can be used to provide support and cushioning during your sauna session.

  5. Sauna lights: Soft lighting can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere inside the sauna, making it easier to unwind and destress.

  6. Sauna fragrances: Essential oils or fragrances can be added to the water in the sauna bucket, creating a pleasant aroma and enhancing the overall sauna experience.

  7. Sauna flooring: Specialized flooring designed for saunas can help prevent slips and falls while providing a comfortable surface to stand or sit on during your sauna session.

These accessories can help enhance the comfort and relaxation of your Finnish sauna experience.

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