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Sauna Holm's Sauna Accessories

Sauna accessories are items that can enhance the sauna experience and make it more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some common sauna accessories:

  1. Sauna Bucket and Ladle: These are used to pour water on the hot stones to create steam in the sauna. The bucket is usually made of wood, and the ladle is used to scoop water from the bucket.
  2. Sauna Thermometer and Hygrometer: These instruments measure the temperature and humidity inside the sauna. They help you to monitor the sauna environment and adjust it to your liking.
  3. Sauna Headrest: A sauna headrest provides a comfortable place to rest your head while you are seated in the sauna. It can be made of wood or soft materials like terry cloth.
  4. Sauna Sand Timer: A sand timer can be used to track how long you’ve been in the sauna. It can also be used to set a time limit for your sauna session.
  5. Sauna Lighting: Sauna lighting can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere in the sauna. Soft, warm lighting is often preferred to bright, harsh lights.
  6. Sauna Backrest: A sauna backrest provides support for your back while seated in the sauna. It can be made of wood or soft materials like terry cloth.
  7. Sauna Flooring: Sauna flooring can help prevent slipping and provide a non-slip surface in the sauna. It is often made of wood or tile.
  8. Sauna Robe: A sauna robe can be worn before and after a sauna session. It is made of a soft, absorbent material like terry cloth and helps to absorb sweat and keep you comfortable.
  9. Sauna Aromatherapy: Essential oils can be added to the water on the hot stones to create a pleasant scent in the sauna. Popular sauna scents include eucalyptus, pine, and lavender.
  10. Sauna Audio System: A sauna audio system can be used to play music or nature sounds in the sauna. It can be a great way to relax and unwind while in the sauna.
sauna accessories 01
Wood-ovie thermo-hygrometer. Size: 225 (W) x 140 (H) mm.
sauna accessories 03

Wooden bench louver for air circulation.

sauna accessories 02

4 litres wooden bucket basic.

sauna accessories 04

Bamboo soft pillow.

sauna accessories 05

Sauna infusion concentrates dosage of app. 1L water aroma: Eucalyptus Scent 250ml, 5L.Aroma: Forest Fresh Scent 250ml, 5L.

sauna accessories 06

Aqua marine mineral, ruby grapes mineral 125/200ml, mineral.


Sauna stone/rock 20kg per box.

sauna accessories 07
Sauna steam mate to create tropical humid saunas, enhance with soothing steam moist, similar to suanarium sauna.
sauna accessories 08
Door handle square. Size: 270 (W) x 130 (H) mm.
sauna accessories 09
Door hinge round. Size: 85 (W) x 80 (H) mm.
sauna accessories 10

Horizontal Light 410.

sauna accessories 11
Harvia Xenio CX170
Provides a modern and subtly stylish interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, be it a traditional electric heater, Combi heater with a steamer or infrared radiator control. Size: 85 (W) x 110 (H) x 24 (D) mm.
Harvia Xenio CX170
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