Harvia Globe Heater

Harvia Globe Heater

The Harvia Globe sauna heater offers you a pleasant sauna experience, not only through heat and steam but also through its unique design and excellent usability.

The Harvia Globe is also an example of environmentally friendly design: it is made from high-quality materials – sturdy stainless steel – and no harmful chemicals are used in its surface finish. A completely new way of thinking is also apparent in the design of the heater, which is made out of precisely laser-cut steel arches and rings. The amount of sauna stones is optimised: the heater heats up quickly enough without sacrificing the softness of the steam.

The Harvia Globe is controlled by a separate control unit. The E models include a connection box for electrical input from the control unit. The heater is connected to the connection box via a cable running inside an armoured tube. Supplied with a height adjustable stand.

The Harvia Globe represents the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer’s perfection in roundness. Harvia’s globe-shaped heater is the prefered choice for sauna interior decorators who seek individuality and distinction in design. Using the stand that comes with the Globe, you can position the heater at your sauna’s place of honor – to be admired by all your sauna bathers.


  • Uniquely shaped, spherical sauna heater
  • Plenty of visible stone surface
  • The heater looks stylish when embedded on a bench
  • Controlled by a separate control unit
  • Supplied with a height adjustable stand

Harvia is a renowned Finnish company specializing in the production of high-quality sauna heaters. One of Harvia’s notable strengths lies in the durability and reliability of their sauna heaters. Designed to withstand the harsh sauna environment, their heaters are built using top-notch materials, ensuring long-lasting performance. Safety is also a key consideration for Harvia, as their sauna heaters are equipped with features like overheating protection and temperature sensors, prioritizing user well-being.

As an authorized Harvia distributor in the region, we at Sauna Holm take pride in offering a wide range of Harvia sauna heaters to our customers. With our expertise and knowledge, we can assist you in finding the perfect Harvia heater to suit your specific requirements and ensure a satisfying sauna experience.


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