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Sentiotec (Division of Harvia Group) offers the best products in sauna technology. Sentiotec specializes in control units, sauna rooms, sauna heaters, and sauna lighting and sound accessories.

Originally founded under the name products, the subsidiary sentiotec is an outstanding example of how technological superiority can create a complete entrepreneurial idea. Innovations in electronic sauna control units allowed the range to be extended beyond this core competency. Based on the good reputation in the branch, sentiotec became a complete supplier.

With products which are always a step ahead of their time, sentiotec ensures that the increasing need for wellness is fulfilled with technically fascinating solutions. The constant expansion of the product range and the development into a complete supplier make the company a serious contender in the European area.

Awards and

The brand is well known and highly respected, especially among sauna and spa professionals. The products have received numerous industry awards for innovation and product design, including the Red Dot Design Award 2013, 2015 and 2019, and the iF Design Awards 2014 and 2018.

Sentiotec Sauna

Sauna Cabins
Sauna Controls
Sauna Heaters

Sentiotec Infrared

Infrared Cabins
Infrared Controllers
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Sentiotec Infra

Do something good for your body and soul. Highest quality combined with innovative technology provides you with soothingly warm moments. Strong performance for gentle relaxation.
infrared cabin
Infrared cabins
Feel the pleasant heat on your skin.
infrared controller
Infrared controllers
Easy in use and clear design
infrared radiator
Infrared radiators
For a pleasant all round heat
Infrared accessories
Infrared accessories
From the backrest to scents
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