Award Winning Developer

Signature Project 2020 - Star Residence

KLCC @ Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to Star Residences @ KLCC. Inspired by the 5-star luxury hotel concept, the 3 residential towers at star residences represent an iconic gateway to everything luxurious, extravagant, tailor-made and elegant.


The three residential towers at star homes were designed with the idea of a 5-star luxury hotel in mind, and they stand as an iconic entrance to everything opulent, extravagant, custom-made, and magnificent.

Superlatives take centre stage on this canvas, which is placed in a modern environment that is both complementary to the metallic presence of the KLCC and the Petronas Twin Towers and eternally fascinating. Star Residences gives its occupants opulent living in a setting that is totally indulgent with hand-selected materials, meticulously created layouts, well-thought-out facilities, and auxiliary services. The design and conception of this invention are influenced by market need.

Sauna Award Winning Project

Sauna Gallery

Sauna Holm is please to be part of the award winning project. Our project includes a Acrylic Steam room, Bench Lounger, and Hydraulic Shower.

Construction Progress

In the progress, waterproofing steps is important to prevent water from escaping the steam room and causing damage to the surrounding area, it’s important to install a waterproofing membrane on the walls and floor. This can be done using a variety of materials, including waterproof paint, sheet membranes, or waterproof panels.

Electrical and plumbing work must be completed to ensure that the steam room is safe and functional. This includes wiring for lighting, sound systems, and controls, as well as installing a steam generator, drain, and supply lines for hot and cold water.


Sauna Award Winning Project

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