Our Story

How We Started

With more than 30 years experience in the spa & aesthetic industry, Holmspa is initially a leading manufacturer of Saunas, Steams and Spa Pools in Malaysia, has gradually turning into turnkey work for commercial and home spa facility.
We are an engineering company mainly works on health & sweat therapy equipment & facilities, usually made of softwood. Our clients who are looking into their hospitalism & wellness ideologies, from variety of industries include developers, architects & designers, hotels, resorts, fitness centers and etc. Today, we have moved into turnkey design for our clients to make sauna, steam, bathtub and pool, heat therapy sanitary fittings, and elderly care equipment provider.

Upon customers request, we are also producing lifestyle products and home decor furnishings for their own use at home

A Private Spa In The Comfort Of Your Own Home
Is No Longer Just A Dream

Dr. Sauna Haruhiko

You are welcome to visit this treatment House – The Sauna & Spa World to experience warmth and relaxation to both your body and soul throughout the latest Dr. Sauna Haruhiko Antioxidant Hot Stone Bed. It is recognized as the best therapy for those with insomnia helping them to sleep well. Since your body system is exercising, it promotes blood circulation, activates the nervous system and stimulates the production of endorphins, which in turn increases the sensation of mental and physical well-being.

Harvia Globe

The Harvia Globe represents the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer’s perfection in roundness. Harvia’s globe-shaped heater is the prefered choice for sauna interior decorators who seek individuality and distinction in design. Using the stand that comes with the Globe, you can position the heater at your sauna’s place of honor – to be admired by all your sauna bathers.

The Sauna Holm Demo-House

Today, we have moved into the turnkey design to assist to upgrade various spa facilities and furniture to famous hotels, resorts, luxury condos, clubhouses, spa & fitness in Malaysia and overseas projects. Moreover, Sauna Holm has built a demo-house for customer’s trial experience before purchase, just the perfect match that you could ever wish for in a luxury bathroom, both in regard to form and function. Hot sauna, aroma steam bath, hydrotherapy whirlpool and rainforest shower can never be missed now unless you don’t return home to bath.

Our Services



Our team of experts provides you honest and effective advice and service. We have simple methods to help you understand what is important and necessary. We will be glad to familiarise you with all required information you need to make the best decision.

With this, you will get the most for your money and satisfaction guaranteed.

Design & Manufacturing

We have a team of professional designers cater to suit all your needs. Be if for personal or business use, we make it possible to take your individual ideas and requirements while considering all related features and materials to design a sauna that optimises costs while meeting your needs.

Our products are manufactured entirely within our own facilities. Thus, we constantly. Our technical expertise allows us to offer customized products and service as per the requirements of our esteemed clients.

Reliable after-sales Services

Our commitment to our customers extend past the point of sale. Our well-trained customer service team are ready to service you and provide you a solution should there be any faulty on your products. We will attempt to assess the situation over the phone to arrive with all the possible parts to complete the repair and accomplish the problem at one go.


Our high standards of quality control combined with the best materials and components make the perfect saunas. We have the expertise to develop the best technical planning to produce the right products with the least defects and thus, guarantee trust and satisfaction.

Meet Our Team

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Important History Event

Malaysia 8th-PM Muhyiddin

Ex-Deputy PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin at International Export Conference 2008.


Yang di-Pertuan Agong ke-14 (The Current King) was presented with our product catalogues in 2011.

Malaysia 7th PM Tun Mahathir

Tun Mahathir (Former Prime Minister) and our Project Director Mr. Foong after product presentation in 2013.


Start Digitalization journey (Digitalize the business).
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2015 - 2016

2015-Production Staffs
Christmas eve luncheon cum present exchange amongproduction staffs in 2015.
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JB Danga City Showroom

2015-JB Danga City Showroom
Messe Europe
Partner with international brands such as Harvia, Devatec, Klafs, and Sommerhuber to form Messe Europe.

CIDB Registration


Our branched-out whirlpool factory in China 2014.

2014-International Sauna Conference

Sauna Holm was selected to represent Malaysia to attend at the International Sauna Conference took place at Germany in 2014.

2014 - Finland Harvia CEO Tapio & Team
Mr Foong with Finland Harvia CEO Tapio and team.
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2012 - 2013

Product Training

2012-Product Training

Alexandre Ziche and Mr. Foong at product training of the most high-tech steam bath of Electrode System.

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2012-Dr-Sauna Haruhiko

The first launching by our Japanese partner represented by Ms. Chika & Ms. Ayaka of our most premium product: Dr. Sauna Haruhiko – the Japanese Hot Bed.

Appreciation Letter


The appreciation letter byFitness First Asia who engaged with us to service them for more than 50 outlets in the South East region.

Sabah Kota Kinabalu Showroom

2008-Kota Kinabalu Showroom
2008-Ex-Deputy PM

Ex-Deputy PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin at International Export Conference 2008.

2010-Dubai Exhibition

Sauna Holm at Dubai Exhibition 2010.

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2008 - 2010


2006-Finland Principal

Our Finland principal Mr. VM and his assistants from Finland and Germany.

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Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Demo House

2006-Kuala Lumpur Demo House