Important History Event


Yang di-Pertuan Agong ke-14 was presented with our product catalogues in 2011.


Tun Mahathir (Former Prime Minister) and our Project Director Mr. Foong after product presentation in 2013.


Malaysia 8th PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin at International Export Conference 2008.



Showroom 1

KL Eco City Showroom

Showroom 2

(Opposite The Garden, Mid Valley) Featuring Sauna cabins, sauna heaters, jacuzzis, Mak Aisyah Traditional saunas and other sauna accessories.


Start Digitalization journey (Digitalize the business).



2015 Production Staffs

Christmas eve luncheon cum present exchange amongproduction staffs in 2015.

Messe Europe 1

Partner with international brands such as Harvia, Devatec, Klafs, and Sommerhuber to form Messe Europe.

2014 International Sauna Conference

Sauna Holm was selected to represent Malaysia to attend at the International Sauna Conference took place at Germany in 2014.

2014 Finland Harvia CEO Tapio Team

Mr Foong with Finland Harvia CEO Tapio and team.



2012 Product Training e1620629159795

Alexandre Ziche and Mr. Foong at product training of the most high-tech steam bath of Electrode System.

2012 Dr Sauna Haruhiko

The first launching by our Japanese partner represented by Ms. Chika & Ms. Ayaka of our most premium product: Dr. Sauna Haruhiko – the Japanese Hot Bed.

2008 Kota Kinabalu Showroom e1620630074175

Sabah Kota Kinabalu Showroom

2010 Dubai Exhibition

Sauna Holm at Dubai Exhibition 2010.



2006 Finland Principal

Our Finland principal Mr. VM and his assistants from Finland and Germany.

2006 Kuala Lumpur Demo House

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Demo House with Perfect Sauna Experience

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