Harvia shares (“HARVIA”) are listed on the main market of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd since March 2018. Harvia is a global leader in the sauna and spa market. In 2020, Harvia’s net sales increased by 47.3 percent, its adjusted operating margin was 22.4 percent.


Established in 1950, Harvia is the world’s leading sauna and spa company. The Finnish company has a comprehensive sauna and spa product range, from heaters to components and full sauna and spa solutions – meeting consumers and industry professionals’ needs.

They have steadily increased its revenue both organically and through acquisitions, and its revenue in 2020 amounted to EUR 109.1 million with an adjusted operating profit of EUR 24.4 million which is 22.4% of revenue.

Harvia is the number one manufacturer of sauna heaters and components. They have a strong growth mindset, and the three strategic priorities in further strengthening their position as a leading global sauna and spa brand are 1) increasing the value of the average purchase, 2) expanding geographically, and 3) improving productivity.

Partership between Harvia & Sauna Holm

sauna exterior shower

Sauna Holm is an authorized dealer of Harvia sauna and spa products in Malaysia. The Sauna Holm and Harvia partnership enables Malaysians to enjoy the best sauna and spa experience along with its numerous health benefits.

Harvia saunas offer great health benefits, including helping the body release toxins, improving the cardiovascular system, increasing sports endurance, building up the immune system, and decreasing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

With Harvia’s high tech saunas, Malaysians can have a great way to relax and spend quality time with friends and family. Using the Harvia Mobile App for remote control, users can control the sauna’s temperature and humidity, lighting, air conditioning, and timer functions. Heat your saunas remotely with your mobile phone with a few easy clicks.




Sauna at Your Fingertips

Remote access to your sauna anytime, from anywhere.

Relax after work. Recover after a workout. Start a no-fuss self-care routine by sauna bathing regularly and enjoy the healing heat. You pick the time when you are ready for the sauna.


Harvia 70 Jubilee Edition

Harvia Cilindro Black Steel Edition presents modern and shiny black steel pillar heaters for different sized sauna rooms.

The large amount of stones ensures perfectly soft yet strong heat and enjoyable sauna experience from small apartment saunas to larger home saunas. The heaters stylish black steel color provides a modern touch for your sauna. The practical form of the sauna heater provides more flexibility when designing sauna interior: The Cilindro Black Steel sauna heater can be integrated in the sauna bench or placed by a glass wall.

The Cilindro Black Steel collection offers basic models with manual switches as well as E-model heaters with touch panel control units.

Harvia Cilindro Black Steel
Harvia Cilindro Spot


Sauna with the Touch of a Spot

  • Easy to Install – No wiring and no need for surface renovations.
  • Easy to use – Turn on your Cilindro Plus -heater on or off with one click.
  • Safety first – Can be installed in a safe location, out of the reach of little ones.
  • Stylish and Flexibile – Install the SPOT® -switch on glass, tile or wood inside the sauna, in the shower room or even in the living room!


Harvia Greenwood Pine
Harvia Sauna Backrest
Harvia Sauna Exterior 13 Bench
Harvia Greenwood Spruce
Harvia Meditate Lounger
Harvia Sauna Exterior 7 Shower
Harvia Sauna Globe
Harvia Heater
Harvia Sauna Exterior 6 Shower
Harvia Sauna Exterior 12 Bench
Harvia Steam and Lounger
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