• Developer Kerjaya Prospek M Sdn Bhd
  • Wood Spruce
  • Heater Harvia Vega Pro BC135 13.5kw
  • Control CX180L
  • Location Bukit Bintang, KL

Axon Residence KL

Step into a realm of tranquility and rejuvenation with a captivating warm sauna design, adorned with two comfortable benches and an exquisite rectangular salt block centerpiece. This sanctuary of relaxation offers a multi-sensory experience that harmonizes the body and soul.

Positioned elegantly in the heart of the sauna, a rectangular salt block steals the spotlight. Its pure, crystalline structure exudes a serene glow, casting delicate shadows across the room. The salt block serves a dual purpose, both as a stunning centerpiece and a source of therapeutic benefits.
With every breath you take, the air becomes infused with tiny salt particles, renowned for their detoxifying properties and ability to promote respiratory wellness.

Other Features
Harvia Autodose – forget the bucket and ladle, here comes an automated water dispenser. Just relax and press a button to apply water onto the stones – with or without a fragrance. Spa saunas benefit from the even air humidity and the simplified apProach to throwing sauna water.

The Autodose water dispenser applies water and a water-fragrance mixture onto the heated stones of the heater. The device works either automatically at defined intervals or at the press of a button. Autodose also serves as an automatic conversation piece, as the device usually elicits a ‘Wow!’ reaction from co-bathers.

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