• Project Mdm Loi Bungalow
  • Wood Cedar
  • Heater Harvia Heater The Globe GL110 11.0kw
  • Control CX180L
  • Location Jalan Elitis Pawana, Sungai Buloh

Mdm Loi Bungalow

This is one of the masterpieces manufactured by our company. Based on client request, our team carefully carved the curve joint to make it outstanding than the traditional square sauna design. The globe heater and the led light also add in its uniqueness.The harvia globe GL110 11.0kw ball-shaped heater provides a pleasurable sauna experience, not only through warmth and steam, but also because of its unique shape

Breathing the hot sauna air purified by Himalayan salt has been believed to help stimulate your respiratory system. Advocates say this process breaks up mucus and blockages, alleviates inflammation, lessens discomfort, and fights infections.

Other Features
The modern control unit range makes the use of heaters or infrared radiators precise and easy. A stylish touch control panel, comprehensive set of functions: control operating time, temperature, lighting and fan from the control panel. The control panel can be fixed to the wall or embedded into the surface to create a smooth appearance.


With the help of a hygro-thermometer, sauna-goers can adjust the temperature and humidity to their liking, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable sauna session.

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