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Messe Europe is a pioneer in the creation of beautifully built, high-quality saunas for both commercial and residential use. Messe Europe architecture has progressed over the years to refine the art and ritual of the sauna experience, from moveable saunas to cabin-type steam rooms.

Messe Europe's designs can now be located in several of the country's most exclusive hotels and spas in Malaysia. Messe Europe embodies years of artisan and engineering experience, creating bespoke modern architecture with the finest materials and most luxurious finishes.

Sauna Holm partners with Messe Europe to distribute the best of sauna and spa equipment, providing Malaysians with the best of luxury and relaxation – whether at home or in a public spa facility. We provide saunas that can be used in a corner of your home as well as spas that can be used by hundreds of people every day.

The Messe Europe brand, which carries the products of Harvia, Klafs, Devatec and Sommer Huver, provides Malaysians with the greatest Sauna experience possible. The sauna features at Messe Europe are fantastic, such as the Supersonic waves humidifier, which heats the body directly rather than heating the air inside the enclosure. As a result, greater tissue penetration occurs. The body perspires and receives all of the therapeutic effects while avoiding the potentially dangerous and excessively hot air of a typical steam sauna.

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