Tac Pools Care

  • PROJECT : Tac Pools Care (2022)
  • WOOD : Spruce
  • HEATER : Harvia Vega Pro BC165 16.5kw
  • LOCATION : Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur


Wider benches can be especially useful in larger saunas or those that will be used by multiple people at once. They can also provide more space for lounging or stretching out during sauna sessions.

Other Features

The BC165’s large stone capacity allows for a longer heating time and more even distribution of heat, which helps to create a comfortable and relaxing sauna environment.

The heater is a stylish and efficient floor-mounted electric heater that is suitable for family saunas as well as public saunas in clubs, wellness centres, hotels, holiday resorts and indoor swimming pool areas.

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