• Project Terengganu International Endurance Park
  • Wood Spruce
  • Heater Harvia VegaPro 16.5kW x 2
  • Location Terengganu

Tiep Terengganu

New project At Terengganu International Endurance Park (JKR Project).
Design By Sauna Holm

This bigger Sauna Room is we build for Horse Rider, customer choosing Finland Spruce wood was chosen for the face of the sauna. Using Finland Harvia Vega Heater and CX170 Touch screen control panel. The sauna does not look gloomy: we design a three tier bench and also c/w led light the interior. The effect of the gives the sauna a special comfort and appeal.

At the same time we have propose to customer using cold spa pool with hydro-massage for sport man, because Cold water can Inflammation of the muscles and blood vessels is a common cause of pain. By reducing inflammation, cold-water bathing also reduces inflammation-related pain. Inflammation pain is a common cause of reduced performance in sport.

Everything is very simple and completely logical.

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