Modern Sauna Is A Looking Place Of Relaxation – How Interior Trends Are Visible At The Housing Fair

modern sauna 01
Saunas are becoming more and more versatile and spectacular places to relax. The saunas of the Tuusula Housing Fair emphasize, for example, a simplified but high-quality design and the integration of the sauna into the bathroom and the whole house.

For Finns, the sauna is no longer just a place to clean up, but they want to calm down and stop in the middle of everyday hustle and bustle. This is also reflected in the interior design of the saunas. Comfort has improved considerably as solutions evolve in terms of a more relaxing and high-quality sauna experience.

After visiting the housing fair, our sauna experts gathered the findings of what is popular in saunas right now.

1. Simplified But Looking Sauna Interior

The saunas now look very simplistic and the Scandinavian design is popular. However, the whole has become much more spectacular and high quality.

At the moment, we want the sauna and all its related components to be uniform. For example, the color scheme of the sauna is taken into account in everything. In a black and white sauna, hinges, door frames and stoves can be black.

In many of the saunas at housing fair sites, wide benches and wall panels can still be seen, but there are also signs that this trend is easing. For example, finger panels appeared in several objects. In addition to the traditional sauna, you can also bring a spa atmosphere to the home with a steam bath.
modern sauna 02
Simplistic and Scandinavian style is popular in saunas. Quality is still not compromised.
modern sauna 03
Villa Fortuna's steam bath at the housing fair brings a spa atmosphere to your home.

2. Soft Steps and Modern Floor Solution For Sauna With Pillar Heater

You no longer want to use the sauna at a so-called 120 degree temperature. Instead, more and more steamy and low-temperature steam pleasure is being sought. The operating temperatures of the saunas have clearly decreased.

Pillar-type heaters have become trendy heaters, which are a very common sight in saunas today. The large stone mass of the column heater produces moist steam.

The column heater also enables a modern interior design solution. The stove stands on the floor with its own feet, so it can be embedded in benches and placed more freely both in front of the glass wall and in the middle of the sauna. The stove is increasingly part of the sauna’s other interior design and style.
modern sauna 04
The column heater is also easy to immerse in the middle of the benches.

3. The Glass Wall Combines The Sauna Into The Entire Entity

The sauna is not its own separate space, but part of a whole. It is now desirable to build saunas in the homes that are consistent with the rest of the house’s interior design style.

The sauna and bathroom are increasingly combined with a glass wall, which brings space and a modern look to the space. Even at the Tuusula Housing Fair, a lot of glass walls were visible and they almost invariably extended from floor to ceiling.

Large glass surfaces have replaced partial glass walls, which were made in Finland a few years ago. Attention is also paid to detail on both sides of the glass. At the housing fair sites, for example, the wall fittings had also been made in accordance with the interior design.
modern sauna 05
The column heater is also easy to immerse in the middle of the benches.

4. Easy and Safe Sauna, Thank You

The value of safety and ease in saunas is constantly rising. Thanks to digitalisation, home appliances are increasingly being connected to home automation systems and mobile solutions. In this way, the sauna can also be controlled from the home sofa or even from the jogging path – the sauna is warm at just the right moment.

The current saunas have also made tremendous progress in terms of safety. They are easy to access, the benches are built to be sturdy and the railings make it easier for them to ascend. The guardrails of the heaters are already a familiar sight in many saunas. Compatible railings not only increase safety but can also be a spectacular addition to the interior.
modern sauna 06
Villa Mikael's accessible sauna is safe and easy to use, even for the disabled.

5. Sauna Lighting and Sound World are Developing

Saunas are more and more modern and technical entities where you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of today. In the Finnish sauna, listening to music is not yet common, although sound solutions have developed further. The sounds of nature are gaining popularity. Still, the sauna is mainly used as an acoustically quiet place to relax.

Lighting is a multifaceted whole in the design of the sauna and bathroom interior and has a big impact on the atmosphere. Today, sauna lighting is almost invariably implemented with LED technology. Often you also want to bring natural light from a window into the space or add light to a large glass wall. Color lighting solutions that look abroad have come to the fore. Although color lights are not yet a trend in Finland, at least, consumers are still interested in choosing a color temperature, for example.