Award Winning Star Residence KL

PROJECT : Star Residence(2020)
DEVELOPER : Alpine Return Sdn Bhd (Badan Pengurusan Bersama Star)

STEAM : Steam Cubic Holmie PRO Series
SPA : Hydrothermal Shower System

SPA : Messe Europe series Thermal Spa Lounger
LOCATION : Kuala Lumpur

The wood behind the lounger is what makes this project unique. Our designer takes the time to create a high-quality background so that the customer can appreciate the uniqueness and beauty of the sauna. Consists of 1 steam and 2 spas that will provide you with continuous satisfaction.

Steam Cubic

As you bask in the gentle steam, your body will be bathed in a therapeutic mist that can soothe your muscles and invigorate your senses.

Messe Europe Series Thermal Spa Lounger

The Messe Europe Series Thermal Spa Lounger is a true standout feature of this sauna, offering the ultimate in relaxation. This lounger is designed to cradle your body in comfort, cocooning you in warmth and relaxation.

Hydrothermal Shower System

The shower system is designed to deliver a range of therapeutic benefits, including improved circulation, enhanced detoxification, and reduced muscle tension.

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