Autodose Saunas: Smart Comfort

Autodose saunas are a type of smart sauna that automatically dispenses water or steam to maintain the desired humidity level. They use sensors to measure the humidity in the sauna and adjust the amount of water or steam that is released into the air accordingly.

The idea behind autodose saunas is to provide a more comfortable and consistent sauna experience. This is to avoid inexperience user who excessively pour water onto the stones which will eventually damaging the heaters and elements. Traditional saunas often require users to manually pour water onto the hot stones to create steam, which can be difficult to get right and may result in uncomfortable levels of humidity. With an autodose sauna, the system takes care of this process automatically, ensuring that the humidity stays within a comfortable range.

Autodose saunas typically use a control panel to set the desired humidity level, which can be adjusted based on personal preference. The system then uses sensors and software algorithms to maintain that level by automatically releasing the right amount of water or steam.

Overall, autodose saunas offer a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy the health benefits of sauna therapy. They are particularly popular in places like gyms, spas, and hotels, where users may not be familiar with the traditional method of manually adding water to the sauna.

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