Electric Heater Selection

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When purchasing an electric heater, it is good to know the basic things that influence the choice: the required power of the heater and the required protection distance of the heater from the wall. In terms of visuality and practicality, you should also think about how you want to control the stove: Do you dream of a trendy and space-saving sink? This is possible with digital control centers and panels that are mounted on the wall at a height that suits you.

Choose The Right Heater Power

The choice of heater power is influenced by the volume and structures of the sauna. A low-power stove has to be heated longer and harder, which shortens the life of the stove, so it is worth calculating the stove power carefully. In general, an average of 1 kW of stove power is required per cubic volume of sauna. The need for power increases if the sauna has window surfaces or surfaces that store heat well, such as brick, concrete or solid logs. In these cases, the cubic volume of the sauna is multiplied by 1.2 and for an uninsulated log by 1.5.

Safety Distance Of The Heater

For fire safety, safety distances have been defined for all heaters, which determine how close flammable walls and benches may be to the heater. Higher stove power often also means greater protection distances. You can find the protection distance values on the heater’s nameplate, installation instructions and brochure, which you can find in Harvia Media Bank. The protective walls and recessed collars of the heaters can save space, as they make it possible to place the heater at a shorter distance from the walls or benches. You can easily calculate the volume and heat output of your sauna with Harvia’s convenient sauna calculator.

New Controls For Electric Heaters

Today, there are new modern alternatives to electric heater control methods in addition to traditional fixed mechanical operating switches. Harvia’s external digital control panels and control centers can even be installed in the changing room. Splash-proof control panels can also be installed in saunas or damp areas.
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The stylish control switch for the Harvia Cilindro Plus Spot® heater is particularly easy to install thanks to its wirelessity – this allows even more freedom in interior design and comfort, as the switch can be placed up to 10 meters away from the heater. This is especially handy when you want to immerse the stove in benches.

The Spot® control switch can be mounted on glass or tile with its strong velcro fastening or on wood material with a simple screw fastening. Check it out
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Harvia Wifi Solutions For Sauna Remote Control

Harvia also launched a new WiFi solution together with the MyHarvia mobile application for safe and easy remote control of the sauna. The remote control solution is suitable for both new and old saunas.
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The sauna is remotely controlled with the easy-to-use and versatile MyHarvia mobile application, which, depending on the connected Harvia device, controls the temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, weekly clock and other timing functions in the sauna room. The MyHarvia mobile app is available as a free download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Digitalisation is now also coming to saunas. Remote control with a mobile application puts the functions of the sauna at your fingertips, from where they are easily and quickly available, whether at the cottage for fishing or for sports activities. The user experience is also even better, because the mobile application can easily guide the user from different functions and in the future give tips on how to make the sauna experience even better, says Arto Harvia, Harvia’s product group manager.
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